The Big Disruption:
A new book from Jessica Powell
A Totally Fictional But Essentially True Silicon Valley Story
About the Book

Something is fishy at Anahata—and it’s not just the giant squid that serves as a mascot for the world’s largest tech company. A prince in exile is working as a product manager. The sales guys are battling with the engineers. The female employees are the unwitting subjects of a wild social experiment. The VPs are plotting against each other. And the yoga-loving, sex-obsessed CEO is rumored to be planning a moon colony, sending his investors into a tizzy. Is it all downhill from here? Or is this just the beginning of a bold new phase in Anahata’s quest for global domination?

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Not long ago, it was Jessica Powell’s job to defend Silicon Valley. And while the events in her satire are purposefully and hilariously over the top, her diagnosis of Silicon Valley’s cultural stagnancy is so spot on that it's barely contestable.”
–Farhad Manjoo, The New York Times

The Big Disruption:
“To interview at Anahata was a privilege. And the next, nearly inevitable step — to be rejected  — was an honor.
About the Author

Jessica Powell is a technophile and technophobe who was Google’s Vice President of Communications and served on the company’s management team. Prior to that she was the CMO of Badoo, the world’s largest dating site.

She is the author of Literary Paris, and has lived in 10 countries, working variously as a translator, journalist, and wild boar chaser. She is currently the co-founder and CEO of an early-stage start-up that builds software for musicians. She lives in San Francisco.

Powell is donating the proceeds from her collaboration with Medium to #YesWeCode, an organization dedicated to helping underrepresented groups access opportunities and achieve success in the tech sector, and to Book Trust, which helps children in low-income areas build their own home library.

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